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    • May
    • 15
    • 2019

    Code the futuRe Competition

    Organised by R-Ladies Addis

    Coding for Innovation

    Innovation does not come by coincidence. Structured approaches assist in finding gaps that need and could be filled. These gaps might refer to needs and desires of people, to manufacturing processes, to new materials, to new markets, to new structures in organisations or to new products. Innovation requires to know the people (customers and suppliers), the production processes, availability and characteristics of materials, organisational structures and trends. Databases provide descriptions. - The key is, how to read databases that needs, desires and wishes from consumers, ordinary citizens, entrepreneurs, governments etc could be discovered. R Ladies Addis Ababa is convinced that R will provide the key and calls out for female researchers to apply R to innovate the future.

    Target Group


    • from disciplines of science and technology , agriculture sciences, social sciences including economics and humanities
    • familiar with R or Rstudio
    • familiar working with databases
    • driven to contribute to valuable research for industry, politics and the society at large


    The main objective is to provide young researchers a floor to participate and to design their future and to mirror graduates perspectives in research, industry and the market.


    The competition will take place in front of a jury composed of representatives from industry and research. The focus is on the presentation of the findings and how these findings could be applied or explored more in depth. However participants will have to submit their programming on R to the committee. Key criteria for invitation to the presentation is that the proposal will selecting based on the submitted documents. In general, the proposal for presentation will be selected based on the criteria of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re- usable). The Committee is following the programming steps as submitted and will test the results. Criteria is to achieve the same result as shown in the submitted documents. Based on the Committee’s evaluation the submitted proposal will be invited for presentation.

    Steps to the Presentation

    Selection of a databases suitable for exploration

    • Research question
    • Coding with R or RStudio to find the solution, which will be considered as innovative
    • Presentation on how to make the findings usable for industry/government or how to explore the findings more in depth in (1000 words max.)
    • Submission of the elaboration
    • Testing by the committee on the FAIR criteria
    • Invitation for presentation on May 15, 2019 (shortlisted presentations only)

    Guidelines for the Committee

    • Evaluation of the research question
    • Coding should achieve the same results as the candidate
    • Evaluating the narrative how to make the findings usable for industry/ government or how to explore the findings more in depth
    • Proposing the proposal for presentation of the proposal


    The German International Cooperation (GIZ) provides for the winner of this competition with a research scholarship of 3,000 ETB in cash for 3 months.

    This call will be closed on May 1, 2019 at 23:59.

    Please note: Submissions arriving after this due date will not be considered in the competition.

    Your submission please send to:


    As subject on the e-mail please indicate: R-Ladies Addis – Competition 2019

    Competition Poster

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