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Our upcoming and recent events:

    • December
    • 6
    • 2018

    First R-Ladies Addis Ababa International Confrence

    Hosted by R-Ladies Addis

    R-Ladies initiative in Ethiopia started with R-Ladies Addis Ababa and reached out to Aksum, Hawassa, Wachemo, Dilla, Gondar, Wollo, Adigrat, Mizan-Tepi and Wolkite (sister organizations). R-Ladies focus is on female researchers and to support them in their work with data bases and coding within their research works. R-Ladies Addis Ababa but is open for both genders.

    R-Ladies Addis Ababa is listed in R-Ladies global with its own website https://r-ladies-addis.github.io/rladies-addis/. From the beginning of R-Ladies Addis Ababa - October 30, 2017 - R-Ladies Addis Ababa has been used as vehicle to organize Data, Software and Library Carpentries to increase digital literacy and competences of researchers in Ethiopia.

    It is R-Ladies Addis Ababa’s concern to provide researchers a training floor for improving coding skills. Therefore, it has taken the initiative to introduce coding competitions on “R - Code the Future” and “R-Hackfest/Hackathon” at national level.

    R-ladies Addis Ababa has the aim to act as a platform to host national and international events through-out the year. The upcoming venue is an international Conference with several pre-Conference venues.

    The theme of the 1st international R-Ladies Conference in Ethiopia is “what’s out there”.


    This conference will bring together board members of different national R-Ladies Groups with representatives of international R-Ladies Groups from Taiwan, Turkey and Morocco as well as female researchers from India and Egypt. Additionally, this venue will take the advantage to host the African Female Mathematicians venue as a pre-Conference venue, where participants from 50 African countries will participate.

    This venue will

    • bring female researchers and scientists together to discuss the importance of coding skills for research works in all academic disciplines as well as for decision making purposes in business and politics.
    • provide the floor to network and share experiences among the different R-Ladies groups, scientists and researchers.
    • discuss project ideas with R-Ladies groups.
    • contribute for the enhanced interrelationship of R-Ladies Addis Ababa with the R-Ladies Global.
    • expose R-Ladies Addis Ababa and its sister organizations to the global community


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